Visaya Spa & Pool


All facial treatments begin with a complete analysis of your skin type. The result is regiment designed especially for you. We pamper your skin with a deep-cleansing scrub, then a massage, mask, toner and final moisturizer, using ingredients best suited to your skin. A hand and arm massage follows while you bask in the beautiful glow.

All facial products are 100% natural and use:

  • completely pure and natural ingredients
  • herbs only grown organically
  • no artificial preservatives, colors or fragrances

Best Rejuvenating Facial

60 minutes, $55

Top rejuvenation for those concerned with preventing the effects of aging and the environment. This superior facial uses products formulated with many protective and anti-aging ingredients greatly diminishing fine line-wrinkling caused by excessive dryness and saturating the deeper layers with natural anti-oxidants.

Visaya Facial

60 minutes, $55

Back to nature with the Visaya facial. Using a secret natural honey blend with aromatherapy and Khmer herbs. Mask regularly to improve the texture of the skin and to lighten blemishes. Especially good for dry skin and as a pre-sun treatment.

Aromatic Facial

60 minutes $55

A comprehensive aromatherapy treatment designed to promote beautiful, radiant skin. Using natural products and techniques tailored to your specific skin type and condition, this exceptional facial comes complete with a pampering hand massage.

"For Men" Facial

60 minutes, $55

Remember that the most beautiful things in the world are not just for women's beauty only. For men, our facials begin which a gentle cleansing and a hand massage according to your preference, followed by a refreshing facial incorporating all of the elements of the aromatic facial using products especially designed for men.

Anti-stress Facial

30 minutes, $40

Designed for you to relax. An anti-stress facial uses steams which thoroughly cleanse all the pores before an aroma oil face massage is done. This moisturizes and hydrates the skin which follows with a neck and head massage.