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Body Treatments

Body Treatements

Improve circulation and release blocked energy in both the body and mind through an aromatic body treatment. Combined with a pampering massage and the healing powers of herbs and minerals, body treatments help tone, exfoliate, stimulate and purify the skin.

Visaya Body Scrub

45 minutes, $45

The natural secrets of the Khmer Lotus plant (an aquatic herb) are extracted especially for you. Slowing the ageing process, a tonic for the heart, sunstroke, reducing fever and much more. Visaya Body Scrub will rejuvenate and brings a glow to new, smooth skin. A lotion massage concludes the treatment, leaving your skin as soft as velvet. For maximum benefits, combine with Visaya Body Wrap "A must for any visitor to Khmer Kingdom".

Visaya Body Wrap

60 minutes, $55

This traditional body treatment, the secret for beauty skin for Asian women, uses Khmer healing herbs. A combination of lotus, seed turmeric and tamarind. An all over deep heat experience, rebalancing nervous tension and headaches. Added benefit include metabolizing fat and increasing the blood circulation. Recommended for men and women.

Apsaras Body Scrub

45 minutes, $45

An ancient aromatic blend of Khmer flowers. Jasmine and lotus, honey and milk will stimulate and rebalance your elements, stimulating all of your senses. Refreshed with smooth skin and improved blood circulation we recommend it be used in conjunction with an Apsaras Body Wrap. Feel your own celestial divinity like the Apsaras of Angkor.

Apsaras Body Wrap

60 minutes, $55

Using the ancient secret of pure honey and aroma from fresh Pandan, an excellent moisturizer and great skin conditioner that leaves your skin with a silky soft texture. Delicious.
Recommended for dry and dehydrated skin.

Dead Sea Salt Scrub

45 minutes, $45

This unique treatment is a blend of pure Dead Sea Salt and aromatherapy. We gently remove dead skin cells to improve the skin texture and stimulate lymph production to eliminate toxins. Your choice of aromatherapy oil will uplift and rejuvenate any mood. For the ultimate in body care, combine with Dead Sea Mud Wrap.

Dead Sea Mud Wrap

60 minutes, $55

Using the healing and detoxifying properties of Dead Sea minerals, this premium treatment will leave your skin soft and your body feeling refreshed and pinvigorated. In addition to being a superb body beautifier, the mud also aids in the reduction of cellulite and is excellent for cases of fluid retention.

Highly recommended with Dead Sea Salt Scrub.