Visaya Spa & Pool

Body Massage

Massage therapy provides you multiple benefits. Foremost is significant relief from stress. Additionally, massage provides relaxation, maintains flexibility, improves circulation, promotes detoxification and a sense of well-being, and re-energizes the body-mind-spirit connection.

Energy Massage with herbal compress

90 minutes, $50

This energy massage technique has been handed down over the centuries. This massages uses thumb-palm and herbal compresses to concentrate on meridian lines of the body, includes some stretching to stimulate energy flows, unblocking trapped energy and creating an overall feeling of well being with improved blood circulation. This massage is performed on the khmer traditional without oil.

Harmony Massage

60 minutes, $50; 90 minutes, $70

Hot stones (basalt stone) are placed at strategic points along your meridian or chakra. Combined with the benefits of aromatherapy this therapy communicates with your body directly, from top to toe.
The treatment will build up body heat bring energy, promoting inner harmony, deep relaxation in the muscles. This deep circulation technique will in turn stimulate the lymphatic system to detoxify the body and liberate the soul. Vive Les Stones!

Spiritual Massage

60 minutes, $45; 90 minutes, $65

This massage is a combination of aromatherapy and Swedish, Lomi-Lomi techniques, using a soothing palm of the hand, movements work into the muscles of body and soft tissue to relax tense muscles and to increase circulation. Pressure can be varied for your preference, with aromatic spirit oil .

Balances Foot Massage

60 minutes, $35

Foot reflexology is believed to be a window to good health. The treatment begins with cleansing, a scrub with sea salt and then applying pressure to specific points on nerve reflexes in the feet. The goal of reflexology is to diagnose and treat imbalances in the body.
Avoid during pregnancy and after heavy alcohol intake.

Back and Shoulder Massage

30 minutes, $30

This concentrating on the back, shoulder and head, this anti-stress massage will leave you feeling calm, revitalized tension free.

Visaya Massage

60 minutes, $45; 90 minutes, $65

Deeply techniques with unique blend of both sense of Western mystery & Eastern tradition, using palms, heels and elbows movement with long stork following energy line of the body. This healing tradition applies gentle pressure to occupants in order to restore a balanced flow and includes a series of the body stretches along the meridians passages.

Visaya massage is deeply tissue but pressure can be varied for your preference. Visaya massage also well-known for relieving stress and calming nerves.

Suggestion of massage oil: Energy oil for your energy & rejuvenating of your spirits.

Head Massage

45 minutes, $35

The ancient art of India techniques to be calming, revitalizing, uplifting and incredibly rewarding, will work on the scalp, face, shoulders, upper back. These are areas where we tend to harbors a great deal of tension, an accumulation of emotional stress. Also improve the condition of your hair and skin, resulting in a fresher and more attractive.

Avoided: from anyone under the influence alcohol / fever / scalp infections / head or neck injury or surgery / Epilepsy and diabetes.