Visaya Spa & Pool
Aqua Therapy

Bath Visaya

Ideal for the stressed out and overworked. The original spa sensation works on mind and body simultaneously. Invigorating and increasing the efficiency of the sweat glands.

Apsaras Bath

30 minutes, $25

An elixer. Pure honey-coconut milk and Lavender oil enriches the skin. Recommended for dry skin and as a pre-sun treatment. The goodness of honey as a medicinal substance, helps to cleanse, soothe and moisturize the body.

Visaya Bath

30 minutes, $25

This ancient spa therapy using tamarind leaves, fresh herbs from our spa garden, refreshes your mind and body in combination with the deeper relaxation therapies, harmony massages or other treats. A must for any visitor to the Khmer Kingdom.

Romatic Bath

30 minutes, $25

A luxurious bubble bath filled with seasonal flowers. Surround yourself with the fragrant blossoms grown in our spa garden as you soften and hydrate the skin and soothe the spirit. Choose your very own essential oil for mood therapy. Highly recommended for romantic couples.

Spiritual Bath

30 minutes, $25

The ultimate bathing experience. Dead Sea Salt and aromatherapy to relax and refresh everything. Energy, balance and spirit. Up to your eyes, ears and nose in fragrant flowers. Select your own essential oil for simple spa perfection.